Seven Questions Asked When Dealing With Tiles, Floors, And Blinds

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When it comes to finding a flooring company, there are a lot of requirements that you have to make sure that the company takes care of. If you have not done that, you would find yourself running around to make those changes after the work has already begun. Through the pandemic, getting a lot of work done was quite challenging because there were restrictions on travel, and getting supplies was quite challenging. Additionally, people were not open to meeting one another in person because there were chances that they could catch the virus, so everyone was focusing on as much remote work as they could get done. There were a lot of processes that could be handled virtually but making flooring was one of them that had to be done in person.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions we thought we should be passing on to the people we work with. The idea is to assist our clients with the process so they know how to get through it when they are handling similar work or projects. The rules vary slightly depending on the clients they are working with, but they would be able to use them as a template so they know what they are looking for instead of settling for someone who doesn’t meet the mark.

1. Are you a contractor specifically licensed to do this job or supply this service?
Yes, we are professionals at the job and have been handling flooring projects and contracts for the longest time. There are other changes to get through if we are planning on getting through the process and are constantly working on improving the work we handle to make sure our clients receive the best. Some companies might source the raw materials and delegate them to a different contractor to work on the process. You want to make sure that the team you are working with handles both the processes, or you would find yourself having to coordinate a lot more than you should.

2. Are you insured, bonded and do you provide worker’s comp for your workers?
We have people who assist with this process, who worked with us for years in the past. They learned all the processes we get through, and they know what they are doing. Additionally, we do have insurance if there are any accidents, and we make sure we are always there for the people we work with, whether our clients or the staff. Additionally, we have all the requirements the workers need and the documentation and paperwork to keep them feeling safe and confident.

3. What could go wrong, and what could cause the price to increase?
There are many variables when you are working on the process, and we start by understanding the requirements of our clients and their tentative budget, so we are in a better position to guide them through the process. Through the pandemic, there were a lot of changes taking place, and supplies were not manufactured at the same pace as they were in the past. There were issues with staffing at factories, and getting over borders was another challenge that many constantly faced. Issues with the production or supply of raw materials could be a primary factor. Not having a proper plan at the beginning of the project or changing the pan midway through the project could increase the cost. There could be changes depending on the quality, type, and brand of the material used.

4. What level of sun control and privacy do I need for my blinds?
There is no simple answer to a question like this because it would depend on the clients’ requirements. There are a lot of questions that we would have to get through to understand their needs. The room they are working with is important, they should be mentioning their budget so we can plan accordingly, and the direction of the house is another one. There are some rooms where you might want more light to come in, and there are others where you might want to stop the amount of light coming in like in an office. The bedrooms would be a different ball game for the sake of privacy, and we would understand their needs and direct them better.

5. What are the product manufacturer warranties?
The products you purchase would have certain warranties, which would allow you to get them replaced if you need to, but those would vary depending on the product. While a majority of the blinds we use have a one-year warranty, there are others with six months and some with a longer warranty. We would assist with the process and even get through the paperwork, if any, and work on getting the new blinds and fitting them up for you. The higher the quality of the blinds you use, the less likely you are to face these issues.

6. What is the time frame from ordering to installation?
COVID changed the timelines that everyone works with, but after a better understanding of your requirements, the scope of work, and the blinds you are looking for, we would be able to tell you the exact cost to take it forward. We worked on some projects that we completed in a week, some took a month, and others took longer, so it depends on all the factors in question. However, we should mention that we work on getting the job done in the shortest time possible so that we do not leave the client with a team running in and out of their homes.

7. What are the craftsmanship warranties?
There are various types of warranties. Some are to replace the blinds or tiles if there were issues with the product at the time of purchase, while other warranties protect the supplies if there were errors by the team when putting them together or installing them. You should ideally have both warranties in place to be well protected, they vary based on the blinds or tiles you use. 

How long have you been in business?

We have been in this line of work for more than thirty years and went through various changes and improvements to benefit the clients we work with. We have learned a lot about the business and how some products are better than others so we are in a decent position to pass on all the information you need to make the most informed decision, as long as we have enough information to make an informed decision.

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